Dan Starnes - Starnes Media

September 10, 2017

Podcast: Dan Starnes saw an opportunity where few others saw it, newspaper publishing. And Starnes was right, big time. Through his seven community publications Starnes has built a business that is one of the fastest growing in the nation. On the next Blueprint Podcast Starnes joins host David Lamb to tell the unlikely success story of Starnes Publishing.


Most Wonderful Time of the Year

September 4, 2017
We can all agree that the best time of year is upon us, football season. No more filling time with second rate sports (I'm looking at you basketball.) The latest Blueprint features gripping past interviews on lessons learned on the gridiron. Preparing entrepreneurs for success in business and life.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on football are purely those of the producer and do not reflect those of the Blueprint Podcast Host, no matter how misguided they may be...

Bob Crutchfield - Executive Director at Innovate Birmingham

August 27, 2017

Bob Crutchfield has had a steady and successful  career. He's built a startup from the ground up and invested in a steady stream of huge winners. And now he's taking on a new role that will allow him to invest in tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Bob joined David Lamb for the latest Blueprint Podcast


Finding Your Niche

August 20, 2017

A collection of entreprenurial tales of how people saw a need and found a way to fill it...


Dr. Bhrett McCabe - Sports & Performance Psychologist

August 13, 2017

Bhrett McCabe has an incredible resume! Licensed Clinical Psychologist, two time national champion, Author and Motivational Speaker. We cover a lot of ground when he joins us on The Blueprint Podcast.


Alexander Shunnarah - Attorney and Entrepreneur

August 6, 2017

Attorney Alexander Shunnarah joins us for this episode of the Blueprint Podcast. Shunnarah is one of the nations most creative and daring marketers and has built one of the most successful law firms in America. Shunnarah joins David Lamb from the rooftop of his downtown Birmingham office.


Secret Origins of Super Entrepreneurs

July 31, 2017

Okay, not so secret, but some of our favorite stories from past guests sharing their entreprenurial beginnings.


Bob Baumhower - Aloha Hospitality

July 23, 2017

Football season is getting close! Gridiron great Bob Baumhower joins us  to talk about his tasty restaurant business. 


Dave Gray - Daxko

July 16, 2017

If you ask CEOs in Birmingham to name a CEO they look up to, Dave Gray will always come up. Dave is the CEO of Daxko and has achieved phenomenal success at building one of the area's brightest stars. Dave joins David Lamb to share the Daxko story.


Kasey Birdsong - Planet Fundraiser

July 9, 2017

Planet Fundraiser is a startup that is taking off like a rocket. The fresh take on fundraising is the brainchild of CEO Kasey Birdsong. In this edition of The Blueprint Podcast, Kasey joins host David Lamb to detail the sudden rise of his company and the important benchmarks and bumps along the way.